Eco-Slide 400T-IH “In-Head” Telescopic Sliding Door Unit

At the heart of all our sliding door operators is the new ES400B Control Unit

Designed to be both simple & reliable but also to comply with the EN 16005 : 2012 regulations.  It has all the functions expected on a high tech door control system.  

The Control unit is what we term “an All in one” this meaning the controller houses not only the electronic control system but also the power supply & battery back, thus making this a very compact unit.

A control system built by engineers for enginners.

The aim being to make a unit which is not only highly functional and reliable but is also very easy to setup and adjust.

We use simple led’s to verify status & error conditions, thus showing at a glance what the controller is doing.

The adjusters  give the full range of adjustments needed as regards door speeds, opening times,  etc and a few simple switches allow for functions to be turned on / off 

ES400T-IH Features

Compact Operator housing with lift off cover & opening interlock c/w Cover Stay   100mm high   x  295mm  wide

Also our unique “cable retaining system” built into the cover  helps keep all your sensor cables tidy and secure

We also developed a “3 part system” which uses a “built in adaptor section” to which the secondary track is fitted.

This is coupled to a standard ES400 sliding door operator. This makes it very easy to install as the secondary track is fitted first along with the secondary door leaves. Only then is the standard operator fitted and then connected.

All our sliding door operators throughout the range have comment components.

All operating equipment mounted to a "quick release" module allowing for quick and simple installation / removal.


  • It uses the highly respected ” Dunker Motor ” Zero offset Motor /Gearbox Unit. A Slim but powerful unit.
  • Electronic Motor lock Option ( Switchable)
  • Inner & Outer Activation inputs with monitored threshold safety
  • Monitored side screen safety sensors inputs
  • Mode Switch input can accept a wide range of switches, from a simple rocker switch, a key switch or our new touch screen switch (coming soon)

Other Options include

  • Motor Direction (Switchable)
  • Electric Lock
  • Remote Reset Line
  • Stop Command
  • Fire Alarm Input
  • Morning Entry Input