Eco-Swing 90 Swing Door Unit

The New WiFi Enable Automatic Swing Door Operator

Reliable, Robust, High Quality, Simple to Use,     


ES90 Technical Manual

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This Wifi enabled swing door controller brings a wealth of benefits to engineers installing and maintaining these units. The unit can be accessed from any WiFi enabled device with a web browser and the interface has been designed to be clear and simple to use.

Eco-Swing 90 Features

Compact 90mm X 135mm Aluminium Profile With “Easy Clip” Cover

Push & Pull Arm Systems. Pull Arm With Integrated Guide Channel Spacing ( i.e. No Packing Of Door Channel Required)

Powerful Microprocessor Based Control System With All Options Integrated Within the Programming / Setup.

It Uses A Self Diagnostic System To Identify Faults And Make Installations / Maintenance As Simple As Possible

Low Energy Operation

Power Assist Mode

Push and Go Option

Electric Lock Output

Fire Alarm Input (N/O or N/C Selectable)

Morning Entry / Access Control Key Input (N/O)

Safety Mat Input (N/O)

Emergency Stop Input (N/O or N/C Selectable)

Auxiliary Locking Relay ( N/O & N/C)

Master/Slave Connection Interlocking Between Door Sets

Rebated Door Mode Fully Monitored Safety Sensor System (EN16005 : 2012)

Easy To Use Wifi Interface Set-Up Program With Status & Error Reporting (using any wifi enabled browser)

Mode Switch Options

Rocker Switch (Standard) – Key Operated Switch – LCD Key Switch Options

Battery Back-Up Manual Display / Adjustment Board Spindle Extension Kit

All settings, adjustments, status & error messages are available through the WiFi interface.

Pull type unit with our unique "built in" spacer bar